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Xetal Kinsei sensors have proved very effective in detecting activity potentially leading to dangerous situation for people suffering from mobility problems.

Xetal Yugen and Shinrai sensors can be used to measure a real-time thermal mapping of an entire area with high thermal and spatial accuracy.

Xetal Kinsei sensors can be embedded in elements, such as care beds, in order to monitor activity on and around it.

Xetal Kinsei 2.0

At Xetal we have developed kinsei: an innovative indoor people localisation technology that does not require a person wearing or carrying any type of device to be detected. Kinsei technology allows to detect and track of one or more people with an accuracy of about 30cm. When such an accurate position information is used together with knowledge about the room itself over time, it is possible to understand what is happening in the room, what people are doing and determine what is likely to happen next.

kinsei does not use motion sensors, cameras, audio or any other identification technology making it the perfect technology for when respect for personal privacy is a must. It uses simple temperature sensors placed on walls and alike. Our second generation Kinsei uses new sensors with wider viewing angle for improved performance and also reduction in the number of sensors needed.

Kinsei is suitable for safety, security and any smart building application from small to medium sized closed spaces (max 10mx10m).

Experience a live installation demo that shows how people are detected and tracked, as well as a real time thermal map.

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