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Kinsei Development Kit v2.5

The Xetal development kit allows you to test the Xetal technology in an optimal manner. The wireless kit is a more advanced version of the wired kit and it required more installation effort as sensors need to be properly placed on walls (with the help of our installation application). Once installed, you can turn it on and connect with the supplier software to see all provided examples in action. The development kit implements the standard API that any Kinsei Device uses. Therefore, it can be used for developing any products and applications based on any deployed form of the technology.\

The Development Kit uses 5 wireless sensors and one controlling unit. Please pay attention to the kits frequency since the sensors and the controlling unit are connected via 868MHz and 915MHz. Check with your regulator which of the two frequency can be used in your country.

The development kit is provided with demonstration software, which allows you to explore demo applications such as people tracking, counting and sofa detection. Xetal itself provide support for the development of application accessing directly the kit data in form of interface specs and Kinsei API libraries.

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