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Xetal nv, Bonheiden, Belgium

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Xetal Koko Technology

Based on the ultra-low-power communication protocol used in the first generation Kinsei sensors,  Xetal Koko allows detection and tracking of assets at low speed (tens of seconds) and medium resolution (room-based or better) by means of small battery powered beacons.

A typical system requires one small Koko hub in each room and a Koko beacon on each asset to be tracked. The hub runs on normal supply power, while the beacon on cr2032 or AA batteries. They communicate on radio frequencies (868/915 MHz) resulting in a low cost solution with long range and no interference with existing equipment or wireless networks. 

Why selecting Koko instead of other traditional solution? It is extremely low power: years on a battery. It is small: the size of a CR2032 battery. It is affordable: a fraction of existing solutions. It allows tagging of each beacon and hub. It works!

Xetal Koko will be available in form of development kits in course of 2020.

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