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Xetal Koko allows tracking, detection and localisation of assets featuring long battery life, reliability and affordability.

Koko is more than asset tracking, it features also a reliable seat sensor that can be used to know if a person is seated.

Koko can be combined with a Yugen sensor to monitor desk occupancy. It will not only tell if somebody is seated at the desk but also how many and where they are seated,

Xetal Koko Technology

Based on the ultra-low-power communication protocol used in the first generation Kinsei sensors,  Xetal Koko allows detection and tracking of assets at low speed (tens of seconds) and medium resolution (room-based or better) by means of small battery powered beacons.

A typical system requires one small Koko hub in each room and a Koko beacon on each asset to be tracked. The hub runs on normal supply power, while the beacon on cr2032 or AA batteries. They communicate on radio frequencies (868/915 MHz) resulting in a low cost solution with long range and no interference with existing equipment or wireless networks. 

Why selecting Koko instead of other traditional solution?

  • It is extremely low power: years on a battery.

  • It is small: the size of a CR2032 battery.

  • It is affordable: a fraction of existing solutions.

  • It allows tagging of each beacon and hub.

  • It can eb connected to any other device such as seat sensors or occupancy monitors.

  • It works!

Xetal Koko will be available in form of development kits in course of 2021 and it will include support for trackers, seat sensors and desk occupancy sensors.

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