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Patient Monitoring Applications

Care professionals need to cope with an ever increasing number of patients who require constant attention. Several solutions in the market have promised to help them by detecting when and where to focus their attention. However, all these solutions have shown limited reliability.

Xetal has been very active in this field since its inception in 2013.  A system based on Xetal technology (Kinsei or Yugen) is able to detect of a wide range of events and situations, including probable accidents and other risks, in real time, day and night. 

Such “detection” does not invade personal privacy, and it does not involve recording of video, sounds or images at any time. Xetal technology uses just temperature information from the environment to monitor people activity.

A typical Xetal-based system consists either Kinsei or Yugen sensors and a controlling unit. The sensors are placed on walls or ceiling of the room to be monitored, and they connect wired or wirelessly to the controlling unit. The unit itself is connected directly to the pre-existing IT infrastructure or via a dedicated mobile application (defined and developed on client request).

A detection system using Xetal technology is capable of detecting several event such as:

  • Occupancy and number of occupants

  • Fall detection

  • Sleep walking

  • Detection of getting in or out of bed, depending on installation also sitting on bed

  • Detection of abnormal activity like standing in the corner of a room

  • Detection of unusual temperature changes (leading to possible fire)

  • etc.

We are Xetal collaborate with institutions, universities and companies interested in using our technologies as part of their activities or products for patient monitoring. Simply contact us for more informartions.

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