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Smart Building Applications

Imagine a building that could know what people are doing in order to make their life safer and more comfortable. It could detect a dangerous situation, prevent an accident or detect criminal activity. It could help elderly not to fear to live alone and reduce the worries of their families. It could help tuning the building to the persons’ need minimizing utility waste.

Imagine if all this could be possible with just simple temperature sensors. No multiple types of sensors, no cameras an no wearables. 

Xetal Yugen can be used exactly to enable this type Smart Building applications such as:

  • Early detection of suspicious of dangerous behavior

  • Monitoring of repetitive behavior (such as working or watching a screen)

  • Early detection of temperature anomalies (for early detection of explosions and fire)

  • Monitoring of flow of people

This are just some examples. Contact us to know more and arrange for a remote demo or a use-case pilot.

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