Xetal Yugen Demo

The tracking demo allows to experience the live tracking in the Xetal LivingLab. People detection and tracking is done via 4 Yugen sensors in the working area plus on in the restroom. The data of the sensors is combined and any person detected is assigned a tag and tracked. The GUI shows the detected person as a colored dot, where the color is a representation of the assigned tag.In the office plan the area colored in light gray is considered by the system as the only entrance. Any flickering in the dots representing a person is normal, it is an indication of the system deciding of the detected person is truly a person or not.

The data demo shows the thermal map and light analysis of one of the above mentioned Yugen Sensors, specifically the one placed near the workstation desks. The thermal map colouring can be changed by selecting the minimum and maximum temperature in the colour scale.

The tv demo shows the thermal map and tracking by means of with two sensors installed in a standard LCD TV set (lower corners). This can be a very interesting option for smart TV that want to monitor viewer behaviour.

The live demo uses data coming form the sensors via a simple JSON API. This API is free to use and can be accessed respectively at http://xetal.ddns.net:8081/FusionData and http://xetal.ddns.net:8082/YugenData

Please note that the office hours are accordingly to its location (Europe) and the LivingLab can be also empty during working hours.

WARNING: we perform occasional maintenance and upgrade of the installation used for the live demo. Therefore, it can happen that the link fails to connect. Just try again later. Thanks for your understanding.