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Xetal Yugen Flow Demo

In the demo it is possible to interact with the data provided by the sensors in two office via the Xetal Flow monitor interface.

On the left side of the interface all options are available:

  • Office selection via a drop down menu

  • Function selection via a drop down menu including:

    • 'Plan' showing the office plan (including the entry points and their id as Entry_id) and the latest average values

    • 'Graphs' including all average values received since connection, the latest in and out flow values for each entry (identified by their id) as well as the total count of people for the office, and the possibility to load the averages values for a given period of time

    • 'Reporting' to generate a report in a given interval. This is just an example of report as this function is customisable. Note that the current day is not available until ended, since still under analysis.

Please note that the office hours are accordingly to its location (Europe)

WARNING: we perform occasional maintenance and upgrade of the installation used for the live demo. Therefore, it can happen that the link fails to connect. Just try again later. Thanks for your understanding.


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