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The Xetal Transport Protection System  is a-one-of-a-kind security inspection system that detects intrusion by sensing the visual and thermal disturbance caused by a person or a large animal hiding in vehicles or containers that are loaded on vehicles. The detection is automatic and can be done while the vehicle is in movement or is stationary.

TPS is based on the combination of Xetal Yugen and Kuma technologies with sensors placed on key location in the container, cargo area and/or cabin in order to detect intrusion and/or monitor number of present people and location. The sensor can also be placed outside in order to monitor activities around the vehicle.

Xetal TPS is suitable for application such as alarm systems, theft detection, driver seat monitoring, proximity detection, temperature control of cargo,  and so on. 


  • Accuracy — Low false alarm rates

  • Safety — No risk to operator or detected persons during operation

  • Economy — Far less capital-intensive than dedicated vehicle/cargo X-ray machines

  • Light, compact system — All components are small and easy to install and stow away

Xetal TPS technology is being developed with and for key partners in the transport sector. Contact us if you are interested to be part of the piloting consortium.

Xetal Transport Protection System 

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