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Xetal YugenFace

Xetal Yugen Face is an AI powered device that can detect if a person’s skin temperature is higher than expected, in real time and consistently. It operates in respect of privacy norms as it uses simple temperature and distance measurements without any video or audio information

Yugen Face combines the proven Yugen technology for people and face detection with a novel AI algorithm that adapts each individual device to its current operation conditions and location. In this way, it is possible to compensate the measured value for factors such as humidity, external temperature, rain and sun exposure. 


Yugen Face comes in two models: Stand is a free standing with integrated mechanical gel dispenser and Wall is a wall mountable device. On request the device panel is available for integration with third-party products.

YugenFace is a 100% European product!

Once a face is detected, its skin temperature is evaluated and the result is displayed visually using three colors green (normal range), yellow* (suspect range) and red (abnormal range).

This information can also be displayed via it companion app** and can be used to drive two dry contacts for controlling nearby devices**


YugenFace uses a custom Yugen sensor that is combined with a distance sensor (either IR or ToF) in order to detect a person, his/her face and the skin temperature.

The sensor is available for possible integration in third-party products. Samples are available on Tindie or contact us for more information or volume orders.

* Functionality available on request and freely after release of the companion app

** Estimated availability March 2021

2020 @ Xetal nv

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